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I’m Here to Help Another

Boise State University is committed to providing a quality learning environment. Faculty, staff, friends and family will often be the first to encounter a person who is in distress. Encouraging and helping him/her to seek assistance with the appropriate campus and community resources is important.

1. If you suspect you might know the reasons behind a person’s behavior, select the topic(s) of concern for further instruction.

2. If your concern is not addressed in this list, consider submitting a CARE alert. Ask yourself:

  • Is this person’s behavior distressingly out of the ordinary?
  • Is this beyond my skill level?
  • Is the behavior getting worse?
  • Does the behavior place anyone at risk?
  • Have I attempted to intervene with little success?

Academic Alert Program

If this is an academic concern regarding a student, faculty should report through the Academic Alert Program.

Submit a CARE Alert

If you want to consult with someone prior to submitting an alert, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (208) 426-1527.