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Poet/activist Audre Lorde defined Racism as: “An inherent belief in the superiority of one race over all others, and thereby the right to dominance.” This system of belief is often expressed as prejudice or discrimination towards individuals or groups and can be reflected in words and actions, including racist language, graffiti or personal interaction.

Racism will not be tolerated at Boise State University. Racist language and behavior—which are prohibited in the Student Code of Conduct and the University Policy Manual for employees—may be considered harassment.

  • 1. Seek assistance. The following resources are available to help you.

    2. Submit a CARE Report.

    Submit a CARE Report

  • DO

    • Tell Someone. Report the incident to the CARE Team.
    • Speak up. If safe, you may choose to speak directly to the source in a non-confrontational way. At times, racism can be expressed in ignorance and does not refer to a deeply seated belief in racial superiority and therefore can be addressed with gracious feedback.
    • If you are the victim of racism, consider seeking support through the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion.


    • Ignore it. Racist language and behavior may be considered harassment and create an environment that feels unsafe for people targeted by racism.
    • Confront the source of the issue directly if you feel unsafe or unsure.

    Submit a CARE Report

    Submit a CARE Report