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Responding to Distressed Individuals

Boise State University is committed to providing a quality learning environment.  Faculty, staff, friends, and family will often be the first to encounter a student who is in distress.  Encouraging and helping the student to seek assistance with the appropriate campus and community resources is important.  The CARE Team are readily accessible points of contact for faculty, staff, students, or anyone in the Boise State community who are concerned about a distressed student.

The CARE Team will consult about a Boise State community member, provide referrals to campus departments, and develop action plans as appropriate.

If there is a potential for danger to self or others, Campus Security and Police Information should be called immediately (9-1-1 for the Boise Police Department or (208) 426-6911 for Campus Security).

This website provides information that may help in recognizing and responding to individuals in distress and making appropriate referrals.  The protocol may be different based on their relationship to Boise State (i.e., if the individual is a student, faculty, staff member, or visitor).