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A student, staff, or faculty member might disclose to you that they have a disability. A disability is a mental or physical condition that impacts a major life function. Working and learning are considered to be major life functions. To gain equitable access to the work or learning environment, people with disabilities might need accommodations.

For students, these accommodations can be any reasonable adjustments to the academic environment that address the barriers to learning, and assist students in achieving their academic and career aspirations. Information on students with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and psychiatric/psychological disabilities can be found in sections that follow.

  • If you are disabled:

    1. The following resources are available to help you.

    2. If you have additional concerns regarding your disability, consider submitting a CARE Report.

    Submit a CARE Report

  • Corresponding with a disabled individual:

    1. When speaking with a disabled individual, utilize the following advice.


    • Listen to the person.
    • Acknowledge the difficulties the person is experiencing.
    • Ask clarifying questions to help understand the person’s needs and potential barriers.
    • Offer to help the person connect to resources on campus.


    • Ask the person if they have a disability.
    • Assume the person knows that they may qualify for assistance.
    • Assume the person wants to receive assistance from the Educational Access Center.
    • Pressure the person to acknowledge their disability.
    • Speak to the person in a derogatory manner.

    2. Recommend the following campus resources.

    3. If you have additional concerns for a disabled individual, consider submitting a CARE Report.

    Submit a CARE Report