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Hazing has been used as a rite of passage for years. Even though it’s a violation of campus regulations and potentially of Idaho state statutes, it’s widely used by fraternities, sororities, athletic teams/clubs and other campus organizations.

By definition, hazing is a process that involves persecution and harassment with meaningless, difficult, dangerous or humiliating tasks. At times, the person who is joining a campus-affiliated organization doesn’t know that hazing is part of the initiation process until it actually happens. Many people choose to keep hazing a secret to stay in the organization or because they fear retaliation. Hazing is illegal. Someone who has been hazed is the victim of a crime.

  • When you know someone is a victim of hazing:

    1. Seek assistance. The following resources are available to help you.

    2. Submit a Care Report.

    Submit a CARE Report

  • DO

    • When possible, see the person in private.
    • Be aware the person may be vulnerable and experiencing a wide range of emotions.
    • Encourage the person to report the incident to Campus Security and Police Services.
    • Offer to help the person access campus support services.


    • Blame the person.
    • Minimize the hazing incident.
    • Agree to be bound by confidentiality

    Submit a Care Report

    Submit a CARE Report